Travelbug survey – and the winner is…

Thanks to those keen travellers who took the time to fill out our recent Travelbug survey. We’re still collating some of the data, but uncovered a few interesting morsels that we think are worth sharing!

First, however – a big congratulations must go to Diana from Ashburton, who takes home a brand-new iPad 2. We hope you enjoy your prize! Now, onto some results:


1. 82% of you intend to travel within NZ soon

We’d love to know where you’re off to, so post something on our Facebook page or leave a comment below, and tell us where you’re spending your holidays this year.

Do you intend to travel within NZ in the next 3 months?

2. You like to start the day on a full tummy

73% overall prefer a full cooked breakfast, but only 65% over 60’s. Where’s the best cooked brekkie in NZ? Let us know on Facebook, or in the comments.

Which type of breakfast do you prefer?

3. Unwashed sheets are scarier than bedbugs!

32% of you hate the idea of unwashed sheets compared to just 24% who selected bedbugs. Over 60’s are the most fearless, with 18% stating no hygiene fears.

What's your biggest hygiene fear when you use a hotel room?

Keep an eye out on our blog for more interesting facts and figures. Until then, adios travel fans!

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