Travelbug’s rugby fever beatbox opera

The World Cup is in full force and getting more attention than Sonny Bill with his shirt off. Wellington has been rocking, with teams and fans galore, a brilliant fanzone right outside our Travel offices and now the All Blacks arriving readying themselves for their clash against the mighty Canucks. So caught up in rugby fever are we in Wellington that one of our Travel bloggers, Simon, lent his beatbox opera skills to this amazing piece of performance art:

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My first time – overseas travel through fresh eyes


Do you remember what it was like to take your first big trip? To take your first big plane ride, go through customs for the first time, to stay in your first hotel and negotiate your first taxi ride into a new city? I remember my first big trip, which was to the USA and Mexico with my family (my Dad is American) when I was four years old, and I have one clear memory from that trip: my grandfather dangling me over the cliffs of Acapulco by my feet. Fun times.

In today’s blog I want to share with you a recent trip I made across the ditch that reminded me of what it’s like to travel for the first time, having not travelled overseas for a few years. It was a quick trip to Sydney – one night and some meetings – and I decided to act like a tourist.

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Before ZEALANDIA became ZEALANDIA – a boyhood tale

ZEALANDIA is one of the hot tourist attractions in Wellington boasting a regenerative programme of native bush and wildlife. They have a 500 year plan to bring back the area to what it once was, gradually introducing into the region threatened species and nurturing them back to a flourishing existence.


This blog post, however, is a snapshot of ZEALANDIA before it became ZEALANDIA – when it was just a couple of dams and straggly bush, from the eyes of a boy who grew up there. Read more…

The perils of allowing traveller reviews on Travelbug

Travelbug thumbs up reviewTravelbug has been rocking along for four years selling NZ accommodation and I’ve been here for all but two months of those four years. I reckon (all bias aside) that we’ve got one of the best sites around to book accommodation, and generally things go swimmingly. But one of the more common topics that we need to debate with travellers and operators is the area of traveller reviews. Read more…

5 things to love about Paihia

Need a break and love a seaside getaway? Forget saving for a Rarotongan Island holiday, a tropical paradise is only a 3.5 hour drive away (from Auckland) and with discount domestic flights coming up so frequently, a trip to Paihia in the gorgeous Bay of Islands can be very affordable. My partner and I flew from Wellington to Auckland and took a rental car from the airport. Pack your togs, sunhat and make sure your dancing undies are firmly in place!Paihia Wharf

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Travelbug Birthday Contest – thanks for participating!

Kia ora folks,

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I love the spotlight, the time has come to remove the birthday hat, finish the cake leftovers and bring my 4th birthday party shenanigans to an end. Read more…

Win $500 Travelbug credit – Wednesday's Clue!

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Day 2 has come and gone like 70’s fashion (hey, my bug wings are pretty psychedelic) and we saw even more entries than Monday’s competition.

The clue was: “Today, Trevor can be found in a photo on the listing of a boutique Wellington hotel, the name of which is an anagram of “hotel”. What is the hotel name and how many rooms does it have?”

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Win $500 Travelbug credit – Clue for Tuesday

Hello again, travel fans!


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had heaps of correct entries for Day 1 of the competition, but as you know there can only be one major winner each day!

The clue was: “Trevor the Travelbug is hiding in the photos of the hotel closest to the place where the Treaty of Waitangi was signed. Which hotel is it and what road is it on?”

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Travelbug’s 4th birthday promotion – win $500 Travelbug credit!

It’s my 4th birthday, and to celebrate I’m doing more than just helping you find great deals on NZ

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. Want a chance to win $500 in Travelbug credit to use on accommodation anywhere in New Zealand?

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