Queenstown tops the Travelbug survey

It’s official – more than 80% of New Zealanders intend to travel domestically over the summer holidays, with the picturesque Queenstown being their most sought after destination. With the help of over 11,000 keen kiwi travellers, we now have a good snapshot of your travel plans, habits, preferences and more. Read on for some more interesting tidbits!

What do you prefer?

Not keen on sharing a room? You’re not alone. 71% of people preferred to pay for a room when they went away, and 85% were not keen to share a room. Clearly, the vast majority of people like to have their own space and are prepared to pay for that, as opposed to crashing on couches with friends and family (I never was too fond of Aunt Betsy’s basement futon).

Who wouldn’t want

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to ditch the kids with the babysitter for a night of peace and quiet, unbroken sleep, room service, and being able to watch what you like on TV? That’s the verdict for people aged 18-39, who were found most likely to want to stay away for a night in the city they lived in. Couples with kids were particularly keen on this idea.


Queenstown rules

The unanimous decision for ‘favourite destination’ goes to Queenstown, deemed the best that people had visited in New Zealand (attracting 16% of the vote), and it was also most preferred as the “next place you want to visit” (15%).

It’s clear that Queenstown is no longer just a winter playground – there’s so much to see and do and it’s an exhilarating place to be all year-round. It’s exciting and unlike anywhere else in the country with world-class visitor experiences like ZipTrek

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Ecotours, Shotover Jet and bungy-jumping.

No surprise then that it’s the ‘whipper-snappers’ who find it the most attractive choice, with 26% of those aged between 18 and 29 picking it as their number one preference of holiday destination.

On the other side of the coin, it seems those in their golden years rate Northland strongly, with those over 60 selecting it as their favourite place to visit. Maybe they just prefer to be as far away from those meddling kids as possible?


Your Hotel Habits

“Don’t sleep on used sheets” beats out the old adage “Don’t let the bedbugs bite”, it seems. It’s been revealed

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the biggest hotel

hygiene fear was discovering unwashed sheets in a room, with 32% of people selecting this over an infestation of bedbugs (24%).

You won’t be surprised to learn however that the over sixties blokes reckon they’re pretty tough – 22 per cent of the older guys reckon they have no hotel hygiene fears, well in excess of the national average of 14 per cent. Yep, she’ll be right.

Women aged 18-29 are the hotel scaredy-cats with 95%

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indicating some sort of hygiene fear.

New Zealanders also revealed some other fascinating habits once they were inside a hotel’s door:

– 52% said taking anything from a hotel room, even toiletries, was akin to stealing
– 68% of women aged 18-25 thought it was fine to grab the toiletries
– 43% prefer to pop into the hotel bar for a drink, rather than the local pub (39%)
– Men are more likely to wander into the wrong hotel room (7% have done so)
– 73% prefer a cooked or buffet breakfast over a continental breakfast

Top 5: The place Kiwis want to visit next
1. Queenstown
2. Northland
3. Fiordland
4. Coromandel
5. West Coast

Top 5: The place Kiwis most enjoyed
1. Queenstown
2= Northland and Coromandel
4. Otago
5. Nelson

Top 5 hotel hygiene fears
1. Unwashed sheets
2. Bedbugs
3. Dirty toilets
4. Nothing
5. Dirty shower


For an in-depth look at the results of the survey, check out this page on Travelbug.


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