The Travelbug office gets a slide

You know how you can sometimes tell when the writers of your favourite TV show simply have an off day and look for an easy way out? They’ll write an episode that takes the cast to Hawaii for a holiday, or do a musical or even worse a flashback show. Sometimes when you write a blog you have days like that, and when you do you turn to “behind-the-scenes” glimpses and YouTube videos. This blog post shows you what’s happening with the new Travelbug office and gives one more example of why Palmerston North is awesome.

New Travelbug office

So we’re about 2 weeks away from moving into a cool new office, across the road from our existing office, into the “bullnose” on the ground floor of the Xero building in Wellington: 

The Bullnose

There are lots of cool features in the office, but undoubtedly the coolest, the feature that excites me most, is the amazing slide we’ll have from the mezzanine to the ground floor. We originally wanted a fireman’s pole but that was squashed by OSH. So we settled on a slide for quick access down to the pool table and coffee machine. The artist’s impression had some pretty ambitious hopes for the final space:

Artist's impression of the new office

So today arrived and so did the slide, shiny and beautiful on the back of a truck. They had to take out some windows to get it in, then the fun began. Here’s a few pics of the installation:

Installing the slide
Installing the slide – lots of dudes required
The Slide Makers - Dave and Bill
Bill and Ben, the slide making men. Thanks guys!
Amazing slide in Travelbug office
Here’s me having a go, my face shows I’m surprised by the awesome speed

Now it is important to note that having a slide will not adversely affect the service we give our customers, the deals we put up on site or the cool new features we add to Travelbug. It will, however, mean that when you call us, you will more frequently hear a “weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” in the background.


Palmerston North Parkour

You may have read my post of a few weeks ago defending the honour of Palmerston North. Well, I have today seen further proof of the quality of the capital of the mighty Manawatu, and it came in the form of this very cool video of some practitioners of parkour. I dare you to watch this and not want to go and jump over some walls in Palmy. (video via @LGOLNZ)



So there it is, my version of a sitcom writer’s lazy effort. Please don’t judge me by the quality of this post alone. I promise to bring some more insightful posts to you very soon, but if you’ll excuse me, I have some sliding and parkour to do.



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